stop calling me brave: it’s not a compliment.

As a comedian who just happens to also be a woman, I’ve been the recipient of some pretty hilarious comments from men no matter where the show may be, from headlining gigs in two story nightclubs to grunge sunday night open mics at metal bars. Men have come up to me after shows giving me advice on how to “fix” my jokes, and some just come up and say, “Wow, you were *actually* funny” or my PERSONAL favorite, “You’re one funny bitch.” Cool. Thanks. BYE. As ladies, we’ve all faced some high levels of misogynistic bullshit at the hands of the straight white dudes that most comedy scenes are overrun with, and frankly, that I can expect.  But something happened to me in the last month of 2015, and I have brought it into 2016 because I have to f*cking address it. Continue reading

making a case for the gay bar in 2016.

I know I know, we still have about five weeks left of 2015, but let’s focus on moving forward. Moving ahead! And what better way to do that than to look back to a decade ago? Continue reading

a love letter: to my bullies

As a queer comedian who gets on stage every week, sometimes every night, and talks about her life, there really isn’t much room for me to be shy. With the inevitable sharing of my life that comes from comedy, some who see me perform feel closer to me, while others feel annoyance or animosity. “God, why does she talk about her vagina so much?” is what I assume a lot of those annoyed people say. Continue reading

I am sick of your engagement photoshoots. So I did my own.

One Night Announcement 7If I had a nickel for every ridiculous engagement photoshoot I’ve seen on social media… I would have a f*ckton of nickels. Why are we doing this? Why do we jump at any chance to rub our happiness in the faces of our former high school friends and that one guy you hooked up with in college who *somehow* found you on Facebook?

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The lifecycle of a gay relationship.

rainbow_butterfly_emerging_from_chrysalis_sticker-rd99dd7ef9a09467fa35fc93032c26bd0_v9waf_8byvr_512It’s that time of year when the world falls in love- er, wait? Isn’t that Christmas? YES! It IS Christmas! It is gay Christmas! Happy Pride, everyone. I can’t wait to party with you as we celebrate all the man thigh I am about to see in Goodale Park. I always meet my man thigh quota in June, and this month is NO exception. Along with Pride comes gay mating season! A reminder (if you don’t already know) that this is Phase Two of the gay dating cycle. Much like a butterfly (and often just as colorful), queers take to the streets at Pride to find a lifelong… er…. yearlong courtship that will LAST FOREVER OF COURSE. But before you dive face first into anyone’s VIP tent this year, check out the phases so you can know what to expect:

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