Interview: 10 Questions about Transgender Issues in the workplace with lawyer and activist Brooke Cartus

I had the opportunity to talk with Jackie Mantey, Chicago-based author and blogger, about the issues facing the transgender community in the workplace. Read the full interview here. Happy Pride Month!!!

Bathroom Bills: a guide to discussing civil rights with bigots.

In case four-month naps are your thing and you don’t know what’s going on in the country right now, nine states and counting have active “bathroom bills” and Ohio is jousting to take this number into the double digits. These bills, like the myriad of other anti-LGBT bills trying to be passed throughout the country, do this super neat thing: they take something harmless, like relieving yourself in a Wendy’s bathroom while on a road trip, or ordering a wedding cake, or trying to get a f*cking job, and they make it impossible for LGBT folks to live a normal life. Oh, and by normal, I mean live a life without being degraded, berated, beaten, or killed. Continue reading

Dykes on Mics Obamacare podcast!

Lori and Brooke tackle the myriad of benefits received by the LGBTQ community in Obamacare. The extensive coverage for members of our community, particularly HIV/AIDS patients, those who identify as trans, and many more. Did you know lesbians have a substantially higher risk of breast cancer than straight women? Lori Gum breaks it down for me… she just got back from the FUCKING WHITE HOUSE. Yea, Obama called her on the phone. She’s a big deal. Listen here.