stop calling me brave: it’s not a compliment.

As a comedian who just happens to also be a woman, I’ve been the recipient of some pretty hilarious comments from men no matter where the show may be, from headlining gigs in two story nightclubs to grunge sunday night open mics at metal bars. Men have come up to me after shows giving me advice on how to “fix” my jokes, and some just come up and say, “Wow, you were *actually* funny” or my PERSONAL favorite, “You’re one funny bitch.” Cool. Thanks. BYE. As ladies, we’ve all faced some high levels of misogynistic bullshit at the hands of the straight white dudes that most comedy scenes are overrun with, and frankly, that I can expect.  But something happened to me in the last month of 2015, and I have brought it into 2016 because I have to f*cking address it. Continue reading

how I was curvy-shamed: the story of a comedian’s battle against bullies.

I have been bullied my whole life: for being loud, for being queer, for being me. But the bullies this time have taken it to a new level.

Last week, at a comedy benefit, I made a joke about Victoria Secret and their “one size fits all” thong.  I find the concept of “one size fits all” pretty hilarious, and after ranting about my negative experience with the Victoria Secret Associate (they are referred to as angels), I described her as thin and… well… kind of dumb.  While the two are not mutually exclusive, I continue to express my struggle on stage with fitting into “one size fits all” items of clothing, and even threaten to send skinny women philly cheese steak sandwiches anonymously at 3am. Continue reading