Surviving January in the Gym: A Realistic Guide to your Fitness Resolution

A lot of you readers may not know this, but before I was an attorney with way too many pants suits, I was actually a personal trainer, spinning instructor, and boxing coach. For five years, a spent my days listening to people tell me about their lives, loves, jobs, and breakfast choices while I made them sweat. I taught group classes, couples training, one-on-one training with all sorts of people: grandmothers looking to have the energy to run after their grandkids at the park, and Olympic level athletes looking to qualify one last time. I’ve trained NHL wives and 89 year-old judges (well, one judge in particular but we spent most of the hour talking about his favorite operas.) I was a baby gay in windpants with a Justin Bieber haircut trying to make a difference. Continue reading

why new year’s resolutions don’t work: a plan for birthday resolutions this Halloween season.

I don’t get why everyone has to have a resolution for New Year’s Day.  Everyone has a different new year, and mine started two days ago.  Your birthday is your new year, something you get to do one time and one time only.  We can all think back to the one year we royally fucked up… for me it was 21, 22, and 23.  And a little bit of 24. Besides, who wants to decide to change their lives in the dead middle of a miserable Ohio winter, where every morning looks like a landscape described in Ethan Frome and you are carting around 15 extra pounds of holiday weight?! (okay… more like 18 pounds. But that stuffing was DELISH.) Continue reading

how to drop that last five lbs: the patrick swayze diet.

As a former personal trainer and fitness buff, I am constantly asked about my workout routine and how I maintain my incredibly average, pretty “okay” body in the face of the constant stress of law school, stand up comedy, running half marathons while singing for EVERY cousin’s wedding, and other extremely white girl hobbies. Continue reading