How to survive the fall in Ohio: a lesbian laments her lack of sports knowledge.

In Ohio, football is life. Buckeye football breathes a particularly potent jolt into the veins of every scarlet-blooded millennial who lives within the city limits, and it’s even more intense the farther from Columbus proper you go. I am not here to talk about the stereotypes surrounding this not-so-sports-fans, things like novelty t-shirts that say YAY SPORTS BALL! that generally annoy the sh*t out of everyone, including myself.

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5 tips to survive football season as an Ohio lesbian.

I get it. It’s early September, you’re finally getting into the swing of things this fall, and all of a sudden *BAM*! You lose all your friends on Monday night, Thursday night, and the entire fucking weekend. You thought you were dating someone and it was going well, but it turns our you were a six month placeholder for a man named Julio Jones.  You aren’t great at day drinking, and boneless wings give you indigestion. Continue reading