My top ten favorite things about the VMAs.

I’m kidding. I didn’t watch.

I’m sorry to shock you, but I did what every self-respecting person should have done last night. I watched Family Guy reruns and enjoyed a Sam Adams Octoberfest in a chilled pint glass. Then, today, I watched the ‘N Sync reunion on mute in my morning class. Continue reading

how to drop that last five lbs: the patrick swayze diet.

As a former personal trainer and fitness buff, I am constantly asked about my workout routine and how I maintain my incredibly average, pretty “okay” body in the face of the constant stress of law school, stand up comedy, running half marathons while singing for EVERY cousin’s wedding, and other extremely white girl hobbies. Continue reading

lesbian dictionary :: part I

I know what you are thinking, “Brooke! Stop writing about being gay!” No, I won’t. Why? Well… mostly because I’m in law school and I doubt you want to hear about that part of my life… rambling on about the Rule Against Perpetuities and constitutional statutory interpretation. If that shit turns you on, drop me an email and we will grab a couple Moscow mules and chat. But this blog is my safe haven from… well… all that shit. Continue reading