My top ten favorite things about the VMAs.

I’m kidding. I didn’t watch.

I’m sorry to shock you, but I did what every self-respecting person should have done last night. I watched Family Guy reruns and enjoyed a Sam Adams Octoberfest in a chilled pint glass. Then, today, I watched the ‘N Sync reunion on mute in my morning class. Continue reading

Traffic Jam: Pride edition!

how to live every day like you are in a taco bell commercial.

It’s Tuesday morning. We are all miserable.  Yesterday, a storm system moved through the Midwest, dropping sleet, snow, and doom across the country. It was like… raining Eeyores.  It’s hard to keep your chin up when the closest thing we have to a real holiday is months away (I’m not counting Easter, because Easter is lame. But Cinco de Mayo is in MAY. UGH.)   Spring break is over, and summer break is months away.  But I am about to turn your week around. Really. Get ready to be blown away with wholesome, lighthearted images … of young, attractive, in-love Americans… eating fast food. Continue reading