hey, gays! the fight ain’t over.

ERMAHGERD. This fuckin’ day! How fantastic are the rulings out of SCOTUS?! Pretty fucking phenomenal. ┬áPersonally, I am stoked- the Supreme Court held section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act to be unconstitutional under Equal Protection grounds and vacated and remanded the Prop 8 ruling from California. Wait… what? What the fuck does that mean?! Exactly, ‘Merica. These decisions are complicated, and as a lowly law student I am giving my personal albeit colorfully fabulous interpretation of the facts. Continue reading

why gay marriage has *nothing* to do with love.

I am both a law student and a comedian, a woman and a daughter, a lesbian, and an American citizen (not to mention a handful on the dance floor). Many Americans have struggled with the concept of gay marriage, and it may surprise you to know that I am one of them. That may enrage you, but before you freak out and close this window, hear me out. Continue reading