2018 goals: to be a saint, a whore, and a dyke.

With New Year’s a week away, everyone is writing contemplative think pieces looking back on their year both individually and as a community (cue outdated dumpster fire jokes here). I understand the want to reflect and reminisce and commiserate, but I am looking forward to 2018. I’ve set a big goal for myself: to be a saint, a whore, and a dyke.

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Hey, gays! A holiday season guide: when your whole family voted for Trump.


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SURPRISE! Donald Trump is going to be in the White House in a matter of weeks. ANOTHER SURPRISE! You have racist cousins. Okay, the second one isn’t exactly a surprise, you’ve been home for holidays before and had to navigate … Continue reading

a booze soaked holiday: an LGBT drinking game for dealing with your family this holiday season.

It’s that time of year… where you spend uncomfortable time with family members that you never actually talk to who haven’t had a meaningful conversation with you since you were five years old! Even then, that conversation centered around your love of play-doh. So… not exactly deep. And if you identify as LGBT, the conversations get even weirder.  So in honor of the holiday season, I have a drinking game to deal with your awkward family (and mine.) DON’T WORRY, ALLIES. You can also play this game. Just stick by your gay cousin Johnathan and drink whenever he does.

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