What the actual fuck happened this morning: Hobby Lobby and the American crotch.

This morning, SCOTUS changed my fucking life. And yours. Oh, you don’t think Hobby Lobby v. Sebelius affects you? Think again. Continue reading

It’s LGBT History Month. Have you heard of Tyrone Garner?

Your answer is probably no, and that is not at all surprising. Too many LGBT¬†revolutionaries and community leaders remain unknown. For every Harvey Milk, there are hundreds of hardworking Americans that have fought for equality without ever being named in a newspaper. ¬†And while I usually use my blog to tell my story, Garner’s story needs to be told. To anyone who has hung out with me during the last month… I apologize for my rambling about the injustice of this story, but you are about to hear it again. For a man whose name is misspelled in his own obituary, Garner was a civil rights hero that was too easily forgotten. Continue reading

hey, gays! the fight ain’t over.

ERMAHGERD. This fuckin’ day! How fantastic are the rulings out of SCOTUS?! Pretty fucking phenomenal. ¬†Personally, I am stoked- the Supreme Court held section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act to be unconstitutional under Equal Protection grounds and vacated and remanded the Prop 8 ruling from California. Wait… what? What the fuck does that mean?! Exactly, ‘Merica. These decisions are complicated, and as a lowly law student I am giving my personal albeit colorfully fabulous interpretation of the facts. Continue reading