Columbus Alive: Q&A with Brooke Cartus

The Columbus Alive featured an article on Brooke before she started law school… when everything was happy. And simple. And wonderful.¬†Read it here.

3 thoughts on “Columbus Alive: Q&A with Brooke Cartus

  1. Hi, I just wanted to bring up an issue. I just read in 614 magazine where you answered the questions that people are too scared to ask a lesbian. Well, I am a lesbian and I completely disagree with your “scissoring” question/answer. I THOROUGHLY enjoy scissoring, I think it feels better than anything. You do need to be flexible, or find just the right position, so I understand your “rug-burns” and what not, but you’re generalizing, and it really really really bothers me. I don’t want to be generalized with every other lesbian. We are not all the same. Maybe when you answer questions, make that distinguishment.

    • Alexxa – I love that you like scissoring! Good for you. I just want to make sure you know that there’s a whole world of orgasm and pleasure out there other than scissoring. I mean, I haven’t done a poll, but in my personal slutty life of sexiness, smokin’ hot partners, and tons of orgasms; there has been very little scissoring, and epic amounts of other kinds of sex, pleasure, fuckery and awesome.

      Also,I think the fact that a lot of straight folks think queer sex is scissoring and squishing lady-boobs together because of gay-for-pay made-for-straights porn is ridiculous and a myth worthy of being dispelled.

      That said, if you like it, scissor away!

      Also, try any and all of this stuff that sounds good to you and your partner/s cause you might just find scissoring slides down the list…

  2. Hey Alexxa! I appreciate your feedback, and I am thrilled for you that you are so flexible! I guess I’m not that lucky. What I’m commenting on is stereotypes about lesbians, you know, the ones straight guys ask you and your girlfriend about at a bar inappropriately. I encourage you to continue voicing your passion for tribadism… and if it bugs you that much, start a pro scissor blog and I will be the first to subscribe!

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