what i *really* think about my ex-girlfriend…

HA! You totally clicked this link, didn’t you, you gossipy queen?!

Ok, so there’s no juicy information about my ex here, but WAIT!! Two things:

1. If you want to have a kiki over a couple Moscow mules and dish, I’m totally in. Name the place and the dress code. (Read: i don’t want to have to put on real pants so let’s keep it casual.)

2. I am a nominee for Best Local Blogger in 614 Magazine’s ColumBEST competition! I would appreciate your vote! If I win, we are all going to Cancun… not the city, it’s a great little tex-mes restaurant in Hilliard. I’m buyin’!!! … the first order of chips and salsa.  Thank you guys so much!!!!!!!

Just click this link: http://614columbus.com/survey/columbest-2013 and click on “People and Community”.









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